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Yellow Tail wine tastes like any number of things in life that make you happy. Life long bonds and promotions taste like the wine, but so does a very long breath after a very long week or the online date that actually looks like their profile picture. Whether you're crushing your best man's speech or stargazing from a city rooftop, the wine just tastes like happy.
A man comes home to a surprise party hosted by a man in a yellow suit and a kangaroo. He's told that if you see a kangaroo at a party, then that's a good party because at Yellow Tail, they believe in fun.
A guy in a yellow suit goes to three outdoor parties carrying a bottle of wine. A kangaroo is at each event either hanging out, cooking barbecue or beach side with sunglasses. A model in a bikini comes up to the man at the end and pets the kangaroo.