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WeatherTech branded Porsche 997 GT3 Cup at the 2012 Road Race Showcase.WeatherTech branded Porsche 997 GT3 Cup at the 2012 Road Race Showcase.By: Chris Favero
This poorly received Super Bowl ad for 2020 aired during the 2nd quarter at 7:51PM EST and wasn't as inspirational as intented:

Golden retriever Scout is a lucky dog and its not just because he was in last year's WeatherTech Super Bowl commercial or the nice stick he found on the beach. It's because he is a cancer survivor. Scout had a tumor on his heart and only a 1% chance of surviving. But thanks to research and doctors and UW - Madison School of Vet Medicine, Scout survived.

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Eight WeatherTech Super Bowl commercials aired from 2020 to 2014. Of their commercials, 50% are considered patriotic and 25% heartwarming.
Popular Moods: Patriotic (50%) Heartwarming (25%) Inspirational (25%) Informative (25%)

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WeatherTech Super Bowl commercials remind you their products are made in America. In American factories. Run by and for everyday Americans. They build quality products too. Products that are designed to last and be super helpful - from cell phone holders designed to fit in your cup holder to pet products to their more traditional vehicle floor mats, liners and other vehicle accessories.