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22 Toyota Super Bowl Ads

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Toyota Camry driving on the highway.Toyota Camry driving on the highway.By: Dukehazard93
Toyota aired 22 Super Bowl commercials from 2019 to 1982 featuring 7 celebrities -- the latest being Toni Harris in 2019. 27% of their Super Bowl ads feature at least one celebrity with a ratio of 57% male (4) to 43% female (3). Of their commercials, 23% are considered exciting and 18% funny.

Toyota Super Bowl commercials aren't based on popular ad campaigns, they don't run the same kinds of ads every year and they sometimes even go long stretches without airing a Super Bowl ad at all (see 1997-2004). But when they do take the time to buy the expensive air time they usually do it right and that ad is among the more memorable of the year. Whether its geared toward your emotions like 2015's 'My Bold Bad' or 'How Great I Am' or its fun and pretty silly like 'The Longest Chase' from 2016 or 'It's Reinvented' from 2012, you can expect originality and quality production. Toyota airs ads for their brands of Camry, Corolla, Rav4, Highlander, Prius, Tundra and Tacoma, among others. Any given year you'll see Toyota feature either a car, truck or SUV and more often than not it'll be a good ad worth the $5 mil or so they dropped just to air it during the game.
Popular Moods: Exciting (23%) Funny (18%) Dramatic (14%) Suspenseful (14%)
Celebrities: 7 Appearances in 6 of 22 Ads (27%) - 4 Actors, 3 Athletes
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