Sketchers - Tony Romo to the Max Super Bowl Commercial (2021)

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Brand\Company: Skechers Max Cushioning - SkechersIndustry: Shoes

Candice and Tony Romo like to take things to the max. With their extremely large sandwiches, quadruple stacked mattresses, monster trucks and more, they're always taking it to the extreme. But the two are also comfort enthusiasts. That's why they're always wearing Sketchers Max Cushioning footwear. They say it's like walking on big comfy clouds.

Game Snapshot Just Before Commercial Aired (7:30:45 PM EST)

7:28:58 PM
KC 3 | TB 7
TB Challenges Ruling on the Field


Tony Romo
NFL Football Players
Born: April 21, 1980
Age Now: 42, When Ad Aired: 40


Born: December 16, 1986
Age Now: 35, When Ad Aired: 34