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3 Quicken Loans Super Bowl Ads

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One of the top ten best 2020 Super Bowl commercials, by Quicken Loans, played during the 1st quarter at 7:05PM EST and was considered funny:

Jason Momoa arrives to paparazzi at his home and asks what home means to him. He enters his home, takes his shoes off and says it's the one place he can take his guard down. He then takes off his prosthetic arms, chest and wig and plops down on his couch to play a tune. Cut to him attempting to just lift the bar on a bench press.
This 2018 Quicken Loans Super Bowl ad rated a disappointing 3 out of 5 stars aired during the 2nd quarter at 7:20PM EST and wasn't very funny:

Keegan-Michael Key pops in to inform a confused girl on what kind of haircut she's actually getting. He then continues to show up at random places to help people with their confusion. And finally, when a couple doesn't understand their mortgage details, Key pops up again to suggest Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans.
This 2016 Quicken Loans Super Bowl ad rated a disappointing 3 out of 5 stars played at the end of the 1st quarter at 7:23PM EST:

Quicken Loans explaining how their new app, that lets you apply for a mortgage from your phone, will stimulate the economy, because if more people buy houses, more people will need stuff to fill those houses with. This ad features floating household appliances, and handmade wooden lathes for section couches. Ends with the tagline, 'Push Button. Get Mortgage."