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3 Pringles Super Bowl Ads

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This widely liked Pringles Super Bowl ad from 2020 aired during the 2nd quarter at 7:38PM EST and was considered funny:

As Rick and Summer of 'Rick and Morty' watch a Pringles ad on TV, Morty comes in with a bunch of Pringles cans asking if they want to stack chips to make new flavor combos. Rick is suspicious and jumps on Morty to reveal he's a Pringles bot and they're trapped in a Pringles ad. Several Morty bots come in the room, repeating 'Stack Pringles. Make New Flavors.'
This Super Bowl ad by Pringles from 2019 only rated 3 1/2 stars aired during the 2nd quarter at 7:24PM EST and was considered funny:

A guy creates the "spicy nacho stack" with several flavors of Pringles. When his friend asks how many stack combinations could possibly exist, a smart device answers with 318,000. But then, the device goes on to say that it has no hands and will never be able to enjoy Pringles. With the device getting more and more depressing, the guys quickly find a way to make it stop.
This 2018 Pringles Super Bowl ad rated a disappointing 3 out of 5 stars aired during the 2nd quarter at 7:32PM EST and was light-hearted in nature:

Bill Hader wraps up filming a scene on a movie set as the crew breaks for lunch around a food table featuring a bunch of different flavored cans of Pringles. One crew member experiments with stacking pizza, bbq and jalapeno Pringle chips together and Bill and another crew member look on in awe and say 'WOW'.