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30 Paramount Pictures Super Bowl Ads

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Paramount Pictures entrance gate in Hollywood, California on Melrose.Paramount Pictures entrance gate in Hollywood, California on Melrose.By: Carol M. Highsmith
Paramount Pictures aired 30 Super Bowl commercials from 2020 to 2001 featuring 43 celebrities -- most recently Tom Cruise in 2020 when he was 57 years old. 77% of their Super Bowl ads feature at least one celebrity with only 26% of the celebrities female (11) compared to 74% male (32). Of their commercials, 40% are considered suspenseful and 33% exciting.

Paramount Pictures is one of the top film production companies to showcase their upcoming movies during the Super Bowl. Given the hefty price tag to run a Super Bowl ad they tend to feature what they consider movies with the biggest box office potential. Comic book adaptions like Iron Man, Transformers or Star Trek. Kids films like Spongebob, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Sonic the Hedgehog. Or thrillers with proven star power like Tom Cruise in the Mission Impossible series.
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