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Patrick Stewart greets a group of famous TV personalities, well known celebs and popular on-screen characters that have all just summitted 'Paramount Mountain'. Stephen Colbert mixes cocktails as the group learns they were all summoned there to metaphorically represent their new home, on the mountain of entertainment that is the Paramount+ streaming service.
The conditions on "Paramount Mountain" have taken a turn for the worse, with a Muppet being stricken with frostbite. Out of nowhere comes professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau who proceeds to whack the Muppets frostbitten arm into oblivion. Unfortunately, he hooked it. The Muppet thinks he should have used a five iron.
A group of heroes are climbing the Paramount mountain when they come across a major roadblock, a very thin bridge of ice between them and their path forward. As one of them steps foot on it the bridge begins to crack. She yells that the bridge has a giant crack in the ice when Beavis and Butthead show up to endlessly laugh at the word "crack".