Mobile Phone Super Bowl Ads

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Popular Moods: Funny (45%) Light Hearted (23%) Party Themed (8%) Heartwarming (8%)
Celebrities: 34 Appearances in 20 of 53 Ads (38%) - 5 Actors, 16 Athletes, 6 Musicians, 4 Comedians, 3 TV Personalities
Most Recent Celeb: Anthony Anderson (Age 49 in 2020) Youngest Celeb: Justin Bieber (Age 22 in 2017) Oldest: Martha Stewart (Age 75 in 2017)
Each mobile carrier really does have their own unique style for mobile phone Super Bowl commercials. Sprint goes straight silly and funny. Verizon typically gets all serious and heartfelt. And T-Mobile goes funny but with more of a light-heared party bent. And then you have all the cell phone makers like Samsung and Motorola, both usually going big but hard pin down genre wise. Of course none are apt to stay in their lane forever but for devices we use maybe more than anything in the history of the world, ever, expect many more mobile phone Super Bowl commercials to come.
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