Kia Stinger - Feel Something Again Super Bowl Commercial (2018)

Rating: 13 of 69 (2018)Ad Mood: Exciting
Brand\Company: Kia Stinger - Hyundai Motor GroupIndustry: Cars

Steven Tyler gears up for a race and gets into the new 2018 Kia Stinger at the starting line. But instead of waiting for his opponent, he throws the car into reverse and floors it. As he speeds around the track in reverse, he is also reversing time. He then arrives back at the finish line and gets out of the car as his younger self while fans rush towards him.

Game Snapshot Just Before Commercial Aired (9:02:52 PM EST)

9:02:41 PM
PHI 29 | NE 19
PHI Field Goal Attempt Good


Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler
Born: March 26, 1948
Age Now: 73, When Ad Aired: 69