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24 Hyundai Super Bowl Ads

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Hyundai Nexo au Mondial Paris 2018.Hyundai Nexo au Mondial Paris 2018.By: Y.Leclercq
Hyundai aired 24 Super Bowl commercials from 2020 to 1989 featuring 17 celebrities -- most recently Chris Evans in 2020 when he was 38 years old. 54% of their Super Bowl ads feature at least one celebrity with a paltry 6% of the celebrities female (1) compared to 94% male (16). Of their commercials, 46% are considered funny and 17% light hearted.

Hyundai isn't known for running major ad campaigns during Super Bowls, but they have been a repeat and expected advertiser most years. They have done many funny and light-hearted advertisements with well known comedians like Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Hart, and Jason Bateman, but one of their most memorable ads was during the 2017 Super Bowl in their "A Better Super Bowl" ad where Hyundai surprised military personnel serving overseas by taking their loved ones to the Super Bowl and then having them watch the game as if they were sitting next to them in the stadium.
Popular Moods: Funny (46%) Light Hearted (17%) Heartwarming (12%) Emotional (8%)
Celebrities: 17 Appearances in 13 of 24 Ads (54%) - 14 Actors, 2 Athletes, 1 Comedian
Most Recent Celeb: Chris Evans (Age 38 in 2020) Youngest Celeb: Kevin Hart (Age 36 in 2016) Oldest: Richard Lewis (Age 66 in 2014)
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