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Four scenarios play out at the same time as a family of three, a couple, a family moving and a family of four each encounter a mysterious diner, sky home, haunted house and space tunnel gathering respectively. Each party approaches their fate, a one-eyed cook, an evil lair, a ghost at a prepared table and an alien making noodles. What do they have in common? Heinz.
A large group of hotdog wearing dachshunds come stampeding down a grassy hill. All the while, a love song playing in the background. They get to the end where they jump into their owners arms, who are also wearing costumes as Heinz Ketchup and Mustard bottles.
To the tune "Are you happy and you know it" people from around the country come together to hum it and "slap" their bottles when they know it. Grandma just didn't have a glass bottle.