Expensify - Expensify This Super Bowl Commercial (2019)

Rating: 32 of 68 (2019)Ad Mood: Party Themed & Funny
Company: ExpensifyIndustry: Accounting

2 Chainz raps in a music video about his car made of ice. Dancing women in golden costumes surround his icy vehicle. His music video is interrupted by Adam Scott, claiming to be record label finance and that he needs paper receipts for everything in the video, if 2 Chainz wants to be reimbursed. 2 Chainz replies that he has Expensify for that.

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2 Chainz
2 Chainz
Born: September 12, 1977
Age Now: 43, When Ad Aired: 41


Adam Scott
Adam Scott
Well Known Actors
Born: April 03, 1973
Age Now: 48, When Ad Aired: 45