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2 Devour Super Bowl Ads

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This Super Bowl ad by Devour from 2019 only rated 3 1/2 stars played during the 3rd quarter at 8:47PM EST and was considered funny:

A couple is going through some bizarre relationship issues as it's revealed by the girlfriend that her boyfriend is hopelessly addicted to frozen food porn. It has turned him into a '3 minute man' and his girlfriend does her best to cope with all the ways his addiction changes him. Fair warning, this could happen to anyone and it's hard to resist.
This Super Bowl ad by Devour from 2017 only rated 3 1/2 stars aired during overtime at 10:24PM EST and was shocking:

A guy auditions for a frozen food company in front of a panel of three people. He takes a bite of the food and exclaims, "so creamy, so spicy, that cheese.." as seductive music begins to play. He takes off his shirt slowly and finishes eating in a sexual way. When he tells the panel he is done, one of the women's soda explodes.