Coca-Cola Energy - Show Up Super Bowl Commercial (2020)

Rating: 31 of 78 (2020)Ad Mood: Party Themed & Goofy
Brand\Company: Coca Cola Energy - Coca Cola CompanyIndustry: Energy Drinks

Martin Scorsese is hanging out at a costume party surrounded by people dancing when he gets concerned his friend hasn't made it yet. He texts Jonah Hill to find out if he's close. Jonah is at home and looks tired. Martin reminds Jonah of the party and Jonah takes soooo long to respond. As the whole world waits for his response, an energy drink does just the trick.

Game Snapshot Just Before Commercial Aired (7:46:51 PM EST)

7:46:51 PM
SF 10 | KC 10
Two Minute Warning


Born: November 17, 1942
Age Now: 78, When Ad Aired: 77


Jonah Hill
Well Known Actors
Born: December 20, 1983
Age Now: 37, When Ad Aired: 36