Super Bowl Ads With Cute Kids

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Popular Moods: Funny (39%) Cute\Adorable (23%) Heartwarming (18%) Light Hearted (12%)
Celebrities: 29 Appearances in 20 of 128 Ads (16%) - 9 Actors, 10 Athletes, 5 Musicians, 2 Comedians, 1 TV Personality, 2 Models
Most Recent Celeb: Luis Guzmán (Age 63 in 2020) Youngest Celeb: Morgan Dorr (Age 2 in 1985) Oldest: Jeff Bridges (Age 64 in 2014)
The saying goes there are only two types of people who will always tell the truth: drunk people, and children. Agree or disagree, whether they're being serious or silly, kids bring a sense of honesty to advertising. We get a glimpse into an innocent world perspective we once had. That's why they're enjoyable to watch in Super Bowl commercials. Every adult was a kid once, and we can all relate.
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