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Friends at a backyard party wonder when Bud Light started making Seltzer Lemonade and decide it most have been when 2020 handed us all those lemons. They think back on the year 2020, with lemons literally falling from the sky like rain, disrupting everyone's way off of life in every way possible and realize Bud Light turned lots of lemons into lemonade.
Post Malone walks into a store and asks for Bud Light. Clerk points him to the back where Post discovers Bud Light Seltzer as well. Inside Post's brain the folks in charge of his body wonder what it tastes like and initiate taste test. Tastebuds love it but the guys in charge fight over which drink to chose, causing Post to destroy the store. But Post is rich so he gets both.
Post Malone walks into a bar and asks for a Bud Light Seltzer. The bartender gives him a mango flavor and the people in charge of Post's body from inside his brain deliberate if its a good idea to drink or not. Memory bank is empty, guys in charge say sip. Tastebuds love it. They commence happy face then tone down happy face. All other senses confirm its great.