6 Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl Ads

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An avocado from Mexico. An avocado from Mexico. By: Willis Lam
Six Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl commercials aired from 2020 to 2015 featuring 5 celebrities -- the latest being Molly Ringwald in 2020 when she was 51 years old. 83% of their Super Bowl ads feature at least one celebrity with a ratio of 60% male (3) to 40% female (2). Of their commercials, 83% are considered funny.

Avocados From Mexico has humorously graced us during the Super Bowl since 2015. They've taken us on a pro avocado journey through situations such as an avocado cult being locked in a dome with avocados, but without chips, as well as through time from the first draft "about four billion years ago" to the future where aliens have a museum about humans on earth.
Popular Moods: Funny (83%)
Celebrities: 5 Appearances in 5 of 6 Ads (83%) - 4 Actors, 1 Comedian
Most Recent Celeb: Molly Ringwald (Age 51 in 2020) Youngest Celeb: Kristin Chenoweth (Age 50 in 2019) Oldest: Jon Lovitz (Age 59 in 2017)