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3 Amazon Prime Super Bowl Ads

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This really bad Super Bowl ad for 2020 played during the 3rd quarter at 8:35PM EST and was dramatic in tone:

Trailer for the new Amazon Prime Series 'Hunters'. A man puts together a group of hunters to eliminate Nazis that have invaded the United States. They will have to get creative and work together. Oh and this is based on a true story.
Hanna was born small with a voice to soft to be heard and was told she will always be underestimated and ignored as she trains throughout her youth to become some kind of agent for good in the world that 'no one saw coming'. Amazon will be uploading episode one of their new series directly after the big game ends.
A first look at the upcoming Jack Ryan series where uplifting speeches from past US Presidents like George Bush and Barack Obama are back-dropped to Jack Ryan dealing with terrorism and people in distress.