Amazon Echo Baldwin Bowl Party (2016)

Rating: 11 of 80 (2016)Ad Mood: Funny & Party Themed
Brand\Company: Amazon Echo - AmazonIndustry: Audio & Sound

Alec Baldwin hosts a party when he tells the Amazon Echo voice command device to stop playing the music. Missy Elliott and Dan Marino follow Baldwin as he brings the guests into another room with a huge buffet, where Baldwin and Marino make fun of each other. Jason Schwartzman defends Alec, and Missy plugs her latest song 'Pep Rally'.

Game Snapshot Just Before Commercial Aired (8:42:32 PM EST)

8:42:05 PM
CAR 7 | DEN 13
Halftime Show TV Coverage Ends


Pep Rally
By Missy Elliott


Born: April 03, 1958
Age Now: 63, When Ad Aired: 57


Dan Marino
NFL Football Players
Born: September 15, 1961
Age Now: 59, When Ad Aired: 54


Missy Elliott
Born: July 01, 1971
Age Now: 50, When Ad Aired: 44


Born: June 26, 1980
Age Now: 41, When Ad Aired: 35