General Motors - No Way, Norway Super Bowl Commercial (2021)

General Motors - No Way, Norway
Rating: 3 of 69 (2021)Ad Mood: Goofy
Company: General MotorsIndustry: Automobiles

Will Ferrell is so mad that Norway sells more electric cars per capita than the USA that he punches a globe and gets his fist stuck in it. He jumps into his car and heads to Kenan Thompson's and Awkwafina's houses to assemble a team to show Norway how they really feel about them. He gets on a cargo ship and accidentally ends up in Sweden instead.

Game Snapshot Just Before Commercial Aired (7:02:24 PM EST)

7:01:10 PM
KC 3 | TB 0
KC Field Goal Attempt Good


Will Ferrell
A-List Actor
Born: July 16, 1967
Age Now: 54, When Ad Aired: 53


Kenan Thompson
Well Known Actors
Born: March 10, 1978
Age Now: 43, When Ad Aired: 42


Well Known Actors
Born: June 02, 1988
Age Now: 33, When Ad Aired: 32