Reese's - Rock Super Bowl Commercial (2020)

Rating: 30 of 78 (2020)Ad Mood: Funny & Goofy
Brand\Company: Reese's Take 5 - HersheyIndustry: Candy

Trish is enjoying her Reese's Take 5 bar but no one in the office has ever heard of it. She then calls out everyone in the office using classic idioms for those not in the know like 'where you been, under a rock?' or 'what were you born yesterday?' or 'raised by wolves?' or 'got your head in the sand?' and so on. Turns out yes, all of those are true about everyone around her.

Game Snapshot Just Before Commercial Aired (8:53:07 PM EST)

8:51:21 PM
SF 13 | KC 10
SF Intercepts KC Pass