Audi e-tron - Let It Go Super Bowl Commercial (2020)

Rating: 5 of 78 (2020)Ad Mood: Exciting & Cute\Adorable
Brand\Company: Audi e-tron - Volkswagen GroupIndustry: Cars

Maisie Williams strolls to her car humming the tune "Let it Go". She finds herself in intense traffic. All other drivers are being rude and ugly. She starts singing the song. Her mood lifts along with traffic. As she drives through the city the world around her begins to sing along. People on the street harmonize and even street signs join in too.

Game Snapshot Just Before Commercial Aired (9:55:00 PM EST)

9:53:35 PM
SF 20 | KC 24
Two Minute Warning


Let It Go
Let It Go
By Idina Menzel


Maisie Williams
Well Known Actors
Born: April 15, 1997
Age Now: 24, When Ad Aired: 22