Pringles - Rick and Morty x Pringles Super Bowl Ad (2020)

Rating: 11 of 78 (2020)Ad Mood: Funny & Weird
Brand\Company: Pringles - Kellogg'sIndustry: Potato Chips

As Rick and Summer of 'Rick and Morty' watch a Pringles ad on TV, Morty comes in with a bunch of Pringles cans asking if they want to stack chips to make new flavor combos. Rick is suspicious and jumps on Morty to reveal he's a Pringles bot and they're trapped in a Pringles ad. Several Morty bots come in the room, repeating 'Stack Pringles. Make New Flavors.'

Game Snapshot Just Before Commercial Aired (7:39:47 PM EST)

7:38:45 PM
SF 10 | KC 10
SF Passing TD