Wix.com - Karlie Kloss Super Bowl Commercial (2019)

Rating: 59 of 67 (2019)Ad Mood: Informative
Company: Wix.comIndustry: Internet Companies

Model Karlie Kloss uses Wix to create her own personalized web site. She gives her site a whole new look by changing up the background. She has many options and colors to choose from. She easily adds new photos with just a click of a mouse button. She uses Wix's SEO plan so people can find her online by putting her site at the top of Google search results.

Game Snapshot Before Commercial Aired (8:43:16 PM EST)

8:42:31 PM
NE 3 | LA 0
NE Punt


Karlie Kloss
Born: August 03, 1992
Age Now: 26, When Ad Aired: 26