NBC - Rise Super Bowl Commercial (2018)

Rating: Ad Mood: Dramatic
Brand\Company: NBC - NBC-UniversalIndustry: Media Providers

NBC previews a new show about a group of high school singers called 'Rise'. One student is a football player that goes into a locker room wearing his full gear and listens to music on his headphones as he thinks about a football game, eventually breaking out in song. Other students break out in song too throughout the small town they live in.

Game Snapshot Just Before Commercial Aired (6:46:17 PM EST)

6:41:42 PM
PHI 3 | NE 0
PHI Field Goal Attempt Good


Rosie Perez
Born: September 06, 1964
Age Now: 57, When Ad Aired: 53


Josh Radnor
Born: July 29, 1974
Age Now: 47, When Ad Aired: 43