Pepsi - This is the Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial (2018)

Rating: 7 of 68 (2018)Ad Mood: Party Themed & Exciting
Brand\Company: Pepsi - PepsiCoIndustry: Cola Drinks

Generations of Pepsi drinkers are shown including Cindy Crawford and her son re-enacting her iconic 1992 ad, Britney Spears circa 2002 appearing on a diner's TV set, people watching Michael Jackson moon walking from their smart phone and a nod to the DeLorean from 'Back to the Future'. In short, this is the Pepsi that's been synonymous with pop culture for decades.

Game Snapshot Before Commercial Aired (8:19:05 PM EST)

8:18:15 PM
PHI 22 | NE 12
Halftime Show TV Coverage Begins


Cindy Crawford
Born: February 20, 1966
Age Now: 52, When Ad Aired: 51


Britney Spears
Born: December 02, 1981
Age Now: 37, When Ad Aired: 36


Michael Jackson
Died: Jun 25, 2009
At Age : 50