Snickers - You Ruin Commercials Super Bowl Commercial (2017)

Rating: 30 of 77 (2017)Ad Mood: Funny
Brand\Company: Snickers - MarsIndustry: Candy

Adam Driver is a cowboy in an old west town who is called out into the street to face three rough cowpokes. When is called out to face them, he seems to be too distracted with watching the Superbowl in the saloon. His co-stars have to remind him that the commercial is live, only to have their bullet squibs go off at the wrong moment, and Adam trips destroying the set.

Game Snapshot Just Before Commercial Aired (8:40:45 PM EST)

8:35:27 PM
NE 3 | ATL 21
2nd Half Kickoff


Adam Driver
Born: November 19, 1983
Age Now: 37, When Ad Aired: 33