Buick - Not So Pee Wee Football Super Bowl Commercial (2017)

Rating: 21 of 77 (2017)Ad Mood: Funny
Brand\Company: Buick - General MotorsIndustry: Cars

The new Buick coupe pulls in at a pee wee football game. One of the parents sarcastically tells another that if that's a Buick, his kid is Cam Newton. His kid then turns into Cam and dominates the game. Some people just can't believe the new Buick.

Game Snapshot Just Before Commercial Aired (7:10:09 PM EST)

7:08:53 PM
NE 0 | ATL 0
ATL Fumble Recovery


Cam Newton
Cam Newton
NFL Football Players
Born: May 11, 1989
Age Now: 32, When Ad Aired: 27


Miranda Kerr
Born: April 20, 1983
Age Now: 38, When Ad Aired: 33