The Formation World Tour - Beyonce Super Bowl Commercial (2016)

Rating: 58 of 80 (2016)Ad Mood: Sexy & Exciting
Product\Brand: The Formation World TourIndustry: Entertainment

Artsy black and white ad, featuring Beyonce seemingly naked. As she poses and covers herself, sitting on a chair, you see glimpses of a flying eagle, ocean water crashing, a storm cloud crashing lightning, a burning bottle crashing into a wall, and Beyonce with a flower in her mouth, all inter-cut together. All this to advertise her upcoming tour, 'The Formation World Tour'.

Game Snapshot Just Before Commercial Aired (8:42:18 PM EST)

8:42:05 PM
CAR 7 | DEN 13
Halftime Show TV Coverage Ends


Born: September 04, 1981
Age Now: 39, When Ad Aired: 34