Buick Cascada - Big Game Meets The Big Day Super Bowl Ad (2016)

Rating: 52 of 80 (2016)Ad Mood: Light Hearted
Brand\Company: Buick Cascada - General MotorsIndustry: Cars

At the end of a wedding, the bride and groom run out of a church toward their Buick convertible, as those in attendance follow. The bride then throws up the bouquet to the bridesmaids. In dramatic fashion, one bridesmaid runs and catches it one handed, falling on her back. The groomsmen say 'she Odell'ed it'. Odell Beckham Jr. appears, saying 'she was out of bounds'. And then the newlyweds ride off in their new Buick.

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7:16:12 PM
CAR 0 | DEN 10
CAR Punt


Odell Beckham Jr
Odell Beckham Jr
NFL Football Players
Born: November 05, 1992
Age Now: 28, When Ad Aired: 23


Born: June 07, 1991
Age Now: 30, When Ad Aired: 24