Marmot - Fall In Love With The Outside Super Bowl Ad (2016)

Rating: 15 of 79 (2016)Ad Mood: Light Hearted & Cute\Adorable
Brand\Company: Marmot - JardenIndustry: Apparel & Clothing

A man and his animated Marmot friend are camping in the mountainous outdoors, while using Marmot tents and wearing Marmot jackets. They hike, swim, make s'mores and dirt snow angels, while a campy song about friends plays in the background. The ad ends with the man sitting next to the Marmot on the top of a mountain, going in for a kiss, and the Marmot slapping him, saying 'I'm not that kind of Marmot'.

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7:03:13 PM
CAR 0 | DEN 3
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