T-Mobile - Restricted Bling Super Bowl Commercial (2016)

Rating: 55 of 80 (2016)Ad Mood: Funny & Party Themed
Company: T-MobileIndustry: Mobile Phones

This video opens to Drake dancing to his own song, Hotline Bling as if it were a music video. The director then yells cut, as three T-Mobile employees run up to the stage to suggest some changes. They tell him, "Make sure after you say call me on my cell phone, you say that the device is eligible for upgrade after 24 months". Drake sarcastically says it is a genius idea, so the reps continue on with more ridiculous requests. It ends with the reps getting on stage and dancing.

Game Snapshot Just Before Commercial Aired (9:46:08 PM EST)

9:43:03 PM
CAR 10 | DEN 16
CAR Field Goal Attempt Good


Born: October 24, 1986
Age Now: 34, When Ad Aired: 29