Kia Optima - Walken Closet Super Bowl Commercial (2016)

Rating: 10 of 80 (2016)Ad Mood: Funny & Exciting
Brand\Company: Kia Optima - Hyundai Motor GroupIndustry: Cars

A husband and wife are getting dressed in their bedroom when the husband asks his where his socks are. She tells him the check the walk-in close. He is then surprised by actor Christopher Walken who proceeds to give him an inspirational speech about the difference between beige and exciting socks. The closet then turns into room where the new Kia Optima is and Walken convinces the husband to take it for a test drive.

Game Snapshot Just Before Commercial Aired (9:43:55 PM EST)

9:43:03 PM
CAR 10 | DEN 16
CAR Field Goal Attempt Good


Christopher Walken
Born: March 31, 1943
Age Now: 77, When Ad Aired: 72