About the Super Ads Database

We're a small, independently run website with pages of articles\videos on most all commercials that were run during past Super Bowls. Our website includes pages that describe the ads and also includes useful & newsworthy information curated by our staff including songs played, popular ad campaigns, celebrities featured, mood, industries, brands, time the ad aired and interesting things found in the ads such as cute kids.

We include links to watch videos of the commercials on 3rd party websites like YouTube but we do not host any videos on our website. We are similar to websites that write informative or editorial articles\blogs\posts\pages on Super Bowl Commercials except we have more advanced features for searching, filtering, sorting and organizing all our pages on individual commercials such as listing them by advertiser, year or mood that makes it easier to find specific ads you are looking for than using a search engine.

We currently focus on the most popular commercials aired during the Super Bowl but are looking to expand and eventually cover all unique and newsworthy commercials.
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