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WeatherTech employees conduct their daily tasks in the factory. Employees work the machines and drive forklifts as the CEOs and bosses talk about how their company doesn't need to bring jobs back to America or stop overseas production. To them coming back doesn't make any sense. That's because they never left.

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Eleven WeatherTech Super Bowl commercials aired from 2021 to 2014. Of their commercials, 55% are considered patriotic and 36% boring.
Popular Moods: Patriotic (55%) Boring (36%) Heartwarming (18%) Inspirational (18%)

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WeatherTech Super Bowl commercials remind you their products are made in America. In American factories. Run by and for everyday Americans. They build quality products too. Products that are designed to last and be super helpful - from cell phone holders designed to fit in your cup holder to pet products to their more traditional vehicle floor mats, liners and other vehicle accessories.
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