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A family goes to the beautiful beach for a vacation, but once they arrive they begin to notice strange things happening to their family and other beachgoers. They're all aging and transforming at a horrifying rate and are told they were all chosen for a reason.

Universal Studios Super Bowl Ad Stats

Thirty-six Universal Studios Super Bowl commercials aired from 2021 to 1991 featuring 54 celebrities -- most recently Vin Diesel in 2020 when he was 52 years old. 75% of their Super Bowl ads feature at least one celebrity with only 17% of the celebrities female (9) compared to 83% male (45). Of their commercials, 28% are considered suspenseful and 28% exciting.
Popular Moods: Suspenseful (28%) Exciting (28%) Dramatic (19%) Funny (17%)
Celebrities: 54 Appearances in 27 of 36 Ads (75%) - 49 Actors, 2 Athletes, 3 Musicians
Most Recent Celeb: Vin Diesel (Age 52 in 2020) Youngest Celeb: Cardi B (Age 27 in 2020) Oldest: Anthony Hopkins (Age 72 in 2010)

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Universal Studios is the oldest surviving film studio in the United States. It brought us so many wonderful and epic movies over the past 100 years. It's film catalog includes iconic movies such as Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Shrek, Jaws, and Despicable Me, just to name a few. Universal Studios is a household name, and It's only fitting for it to be a part of another American institution, the Super Bowl.
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