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12 TurboTax Super Bowl Ads

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"Dave" from TurboTax is helping a son file his taxes and the dad who has always done his son's taxes for him is jealous he isn't needed anymore. Dad doesn't know how to handle his recently responsible son, so he asked "Dave" if he can still claim his son as a dependent because he still eats his food. Unfortunately, he can not.

TurboTax Super Bowl Ad Stats

Twelve TurboTax Super Bowl commercials aired from 2021 to 2014. Of their commercials, 42% are considered light hearted and 33% funny.
Popular Moods: Light Hearted (42%) Funny (33%) Weird (17%)
Celebrities: 1 Appearance in 1 of 12 Ads (8%) - 1 Actor
Most Recent Celeb: Anthony Hopkins (Age 78 in 2016)
Male:100% Anthony Hopkins

TurboTax Super Bowl Ad List

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Whimsical, silly, and down right weird are the words that describe TurboTax's Super Bowl commercials. Apparently, ghosts do their taxes too, and what's this about a child robot who aspires to be a live CPA for TurboTax? Oh, and let's not forget that the monster under your bed is really concerned about you doing your own taxes. The sky is the limit when it comes to this company's subject matter, it seems, and off-the-wall is definitely their strong suit.
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