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5 Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Ads

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A bath taking Tracy Morgan wants to make sure you do your due diligence before buying your home. Just make sure you don't eat poisonous mushrooms, jump out of an airplane without a parachute, get into a back alley fight with Dave Bautista, or have a beehive drop on your head. Certain is definitely better than "pretty sure".

Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Ad Stats

Five Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl commercials aired from 2021 to 2016 featuring seven celebrities -- most recently Tracy Morgan in 2021 when he was 52 years old. 80% of their Super Bowl ads feature at least one celebrity with a paltry 14% of the celebrities female (1) compared to 86% male (6). Of their commercials, 80% are considered funny.
Moods: Funny - Exciting
Celebrities: 7 Appearances in 4 of 5 Ads (80%) - 4 Actors, 1 Athlete, 2 Comedians
Most Recent Celeb: Tracy Morgan (Age 52 in 2021) Youngest Celeb: Joey Bosa (Age 25 in 2021) Oldest: Tracy Morgan (Age 52 in 2021)

Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Ad List

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Rocket Mortgage has had commercials in the Super Bowl since 2016. The majority of theirs ads fall more on the humorous side. They've featured some pretty well known celebrities such as Key from Key and Peele, and Jason Mamoa with his wife Lisa Bonet, where he comes home and starts removing his fake muscles.