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Pepsi Super Bowl Ad Stats

Fifty-three Pepsi Super Bowl commercials aired from 2019 to 1990 featuring 46 celebrities -- most recently Steve Carell in 2019 when he was 56 years old. 49% of their Super Bowl ads feature at least one celebrity with a ratio of 67% male (31) to 33% female (15). Of their commercials, 51% are considered funny and 15% party themed.
Popular Moods: Funny (51%) Party Themed (15%) Light Hearted (11%) Cute\Adorable (9%)
Celebrities: 46 Appearances in 26 of 53 Ads (49%) - 12 Actors, 7 Athletes, 16 Musicians, 2 Comedians, 3 TV Personalities, 5 Models
Most Recent Celeb: Steve Carell (Age 56 in 2019) Youngest Celeb: Fred Savage (Age 13 in 1990) Oldest: Robert Stack (Age 78 in 1997)

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Celebs love Pepsi or maybe Pepsi loves celebs. Either way about half of all Pepsi Super Bowl commercials feature major celebrities drinking Pepsi and singing its praises. Think Britney Spears. Or think of arguably the most memorable and iconic Super Bowl commercial ever. Its the one with the famous model drinking a Pepsi in slow motion with two boys watching from a fence, you know the one, with Cindy Crawford in her white tank top from 1992. Yeah they like to use models to sell their soda. They also go for nostalgia often by reminding you just how long Pepsi has been around, and been the best. And if that doesn't work for you many of their ads are also pretty funny - see 2011's 'First Date'.
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