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15 Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Ads

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Peyton Manning and celebrities enjoy Michelob Ultra in a bowling alley.

Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Ad Stats

Fifteen Michelob Ultra Super Bowl commercials aired from 2022 to 1982 featuring 25 celebrities -- most recently Peyton Manning in 2022 when he was 45 years old. 60% of their Super Bowl ads feature at least one celebrity with a ratio of 67% male (16) to 33% female (8). Of their commercials, 33% are considered funny and 20% exciting.
Popular Moods: Funny (33%) Exciting (20%) Inspirational (20%) Light Hearted (13%)
Celebrities: 25 Appearances in 9 of 15 Ads (60%) - 4 Actors, 18 Athletes, 2 Musicians, 1 TV Personality
Most Recent Celeb: Peyton Manning (Age 45 in 2022) Youngest Celeb: Maluma (Age 25 in 2019) Oldest: Don Cheadle (Age 56 in 2021)

Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Ad List

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Since 2002, Michelob Ultra has brought beer drinkers less caloric guilt, and let's not forget to mention low carbs as well. Their Super Bowl commercials have been star studded and creative. Chris Pratt comedically took on the role as spokesman for the beer during the Super Bowl of 2018, and Zoe Kravitz did a soon to be iconic ASMR-style ad during the Super Bowl of 2019, which had never been done before.
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