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Josh Jacobs drives his younger self to football practice. He wonders what he'd tell him. He'd tell him that it's gonna be hard growing up homeless, but you've gotta believe in yourself. "Be tougher than the world around you." He tells him as they pull up, "in that field, that's your proving ground. Push yourself to be someone, and I promise someday, you will."

Kia Motors Super Bowl Ad Stats

Thirteen Kia Motors Super Bowl commercials aired from 2020 to 2000 featuring six celebrities -- most recently Josh Jacobs in 2020 when he was 21 years old. 46% of their Super Bowl ads feature at least one celebrity with only 17% of the celebrities female (1) compared to 83% male (5). Of their commercials, 31% are considered funny and 31% adventurous.
Popular Moods: Funny (31%) Adventurous (31%) Light Hearted (23%) Exciting (23%)
Celebrities: 6 Appearances in 6 of 13 Ads (46%) - 4 Actors, 1 Athlete, 1 Musician
Most Recent Celeb: Josh Jacobs (Age 21 in 2020) Youngest Celeb: Josh Jacobs (Age 21 in 2020) Oldest: Christopher Walken (Age 72 in 2016)

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Since 2000, Kia has been a part of the famous Super Bowl ad space. Over ten Kia Super Bowl ads have aired since. The company has shown its creative versatility by using celebrities in ads that were all about laughs, or skipping the humor altogether to bring us heart warming stories of small towns and kids with heart.
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