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Frontline workers all around the world have always continued doing their jobs in order to keep everything running. Doctors, nurses, delivery men and women, grocery store workers and teachers have all been working through these times. Ford and Bryan Cranston urge everyone to hold the line and finish strong as we are so close to getting back to normal.

Ford Super Bowl Ad Stats

Fifteen Ford Super Bowl commercials aired from 2021 to 1980 featuring three celebrities -- most recently Bryan Cranston in 2021 when he was 64 years old. 20% of their Super Bowl ads feature at least one celebrity with no female celebrities featured in any commercial. Of their commercials, 40% are considered exciting and 27% light hearted.
Popular Moods: Exciting (40%) Light Hearted (27%) Adventurous (13%)
Celebrities: 3 Appearances in 3 of 15 Ads (20%) - 2 Actors, 1 Athlete
Most Recent Celeb: Bryan Cranston (Age 64 in 2021) Youngest Celeb: Joe Montana (Age 28 in 1985) Oldest: Jack Palance (Age 76 in 1996)

Ford Super Bowl Ad List

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Ford has been airing commercials in the Super Bowl since the early 1980's. Much like brands such as Cadillac and Toyota, their commercials usually show a year's latest model zoom across a beautiful landscape, and or rugged terrain. One of their most humorous of ads was in the 1996 Super Bowl, featuring Jack Palance playing his character Curly from the City Slickers movies.
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