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Many different animals eat Frito Lay snacks to the tune of "Push It" and a sloth steals a bag and hides in a tree.

Doritos Super Bowl Ad Stats

Forty-one Doritos Super Bowl commercials aired from 2022 to 1989 featuring 22 celebrities -- most recently Matthew McConaughey in 2021 when he was 51 years old. 34% of their Super Bowl ads feature at least one celebrity with only 23% of the celebrities female (5) compared to 77% male (17). Of their commercials, 71% are considered funny and 22% light hearted.
Popular Moods: Funny (71%) Light Hearted (22%) Cute\Adorable (10%) Flirty (10%)
Celebrities: 22 Appearances in 14 of 41 Ads (34%) - 6 Actors, 7 Musicians, 7 TV Personalities, 2 Models
Most Recent Celeb: Matthew McConaughey (Age 51 in 2021) Youngest Celeb: Lil Nas X (Age 20 in 2020) Oldest: Morgan Freeman (Age 80 in 2018)

Doritos Super Bowl Ad List

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Doritos Super Bowl commercials are known for being super funny and very original and creative. Many of their best Super Bowl ads appear simple to produce as they bank on smart writing of situational comedy to deliver the laughs, like in their 2010 ad where a kid shows mom's boyfriend who is really boss or in 2011 when a coworker licks the finger of another coworker who just ate Doritos just so he could get the nacho cheese dust taste, which he calls 'the best part'. 2014's 'Time Machine' is a classic not to be missed and never look past watching 'Goat 4 Sale' from 2013. Doritos likes comedy and that's where they shine best during the big game and they also have a knack for landing huge celebrities and pop culture icons in their ads.
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