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13 Cadillac Super Bowl Ads

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Life as Edgar Scissorhands can be rough. Edgar goes through his normal routine, but his scissorhands can make life difficult. He cuts the emergency stop on a bus, messes up his teachers science project, and pops a football trying to play catch. But his mom gets him the new Cadillac Lyriq with hands-free steering which allows him to drive off into the sunset.

Cadillac Super Bowl Ad Stats

Thirteen Cadillac Super Bowl commercials aired from 2021 to 1993 featuring three celebrities -- the latest being Winona Ryder in 2021 when she was 49 years old. 15% of their Super Bowl ads feature at least one celebrity. Of their commercials, 31% are considered dramatic and 31% suspenseful.
Popular Moods: Dramatic (31%) Suspenseful (31%) Exciting (23%) Funny (15%)
Celebrities: 3 Appearances in 2 of 13 Ads (15%) - 2 Actors, 1 Model
Most Recent Celeb: Winona Ryder (Age 49 in 2021) Youngest Celeb: Timothée Chalamet (Age 25 in 2021) Oldest: Winona Ryder (Age 49 in 2021)

Cadillac Super Bowl Ad List

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Cadillac has had good many Super Bowl commercials over the past few decades. Most of these ads are dramatic and fast paced, featuring each year's newest model, speeding through city streets and picturesque landscapes. One of their attempts at making a funny Super Bowl commercial was in 2021, featuring Edward Scissorhands.
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