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15 Audi Super Bowl Ads

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Maisie Williams strolls to her car humming the tune "Let it Go". She finds herself in intense traffic. All other drivers are being rude and ugly. She starts singing the song. Her mood lifts along with traffic. As she drives through the city the world around her begins to sing along. People on the street harmonize and even street signs join in too.

Audi Super Bowl Ad Stats

Fifteen Audi Super Bowl commercials aired from 2020 to 1988 featuring three celebrities -- the latest being Maisie Williams in 2020 when she was 22 years old. 20% of their Super Bowl ads feature at least one celebrity with a ratio of 33% male (1) to 67% female (2). Of their commercials, 40% are considered funny and 27% exciting.
Popular Moods: Funny (40%) Exciting (27%) Suspenseful (20%) Adventurous (20%)
Celebrities: 3 Appearances in 3 of 15 Ads (20%) - 2 Actors, 1 Musician
Most Recent Celeb: Maisie Williams (Age 22 in 2020) Youngest Celeb: Maisie Williams (Age 22 in 2020) Oldest: Sarah McLachlan (Age 46 in 2014)

Audi Super Bowl Ad List

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Audi's Super Bowl ads typically use good humor or suspense to get you to consider if you're ready to have one of their automobiles. Whether it be showing the speed and agility of their R8 model or the family friendly features of the Q8, Audi always shows in their commercials that they are a step above the rest.
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