Squarespace - Make It Happen Super Bowl Commercial (2018)

Rating: 25 of 69 (2018)Ad Mood: Exciting & Adventurous
Company: SquarespaceIndustry: Computer Software

Keanu Reeves stands on top of his motorcycle as it drives by itself down a mostly isolated road surrounded by patchy desert and mountains. A voice is giving Keanu self affirmations as funky music plays and Keanu mouths along. He repeats 'make it happen' as he jumps back down on the bike's seat and speeds down the road leaning forward.

Game Snapshot Just Before Commercial Aired (7:44:40 PM EST)

7:44:17 PM
PHI 15 | NE 6
NE Intercepts PHI Pass


Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves
A-List Actor
Born: September 02, 1964
Age Now: 58, When Ad Aired: 53