Pringles - Wow Super Bowl Commercial (2018)

Rating: 20 of 69 (2018)Ad Mood: Light Hearted
Brand\Company: Pringles - Kellogg'sIndustry: Potato Chips

Bill Hader wraps up filming a scene on a movie set as the crew breaks for lunch around a food table featuring a bunch of different flavored cans of Pringles. One crew member experiments with stacking pizza, bbq and jalapeno Pringle chips together and Bill and another crew member look on in awe and say 'WOW'.

Game Snapshot Just Before Commercial Aired (7:32:24 PM EST)

7:32:08 PM
PHI 15 | NE 3
NE Blocks FG Attempt


Bill Hader
Bill Hader
Born: June 07, 1978
Age Now: 44, When Ad Aired: 39