Tide - The Big Spill - Super Bowl Commercial (2017)

Tide - The Big Spill
Rating: 11 of 77 (2017)Ad Mood: Funny
Brand\Company: Tide - Procter & GambleIndustry: Cleaning Supplies

Terry Bradshaw gets a stain on his shirt in the middle of commentary. It isn't a big deal until he finds out that he is "trending" online, and that everyone can see it. He embarks on an epic adventure to get rid of the stain, running through a football field while a game is going and driving down a busy highway to his friends house, Jeffrey Tambor, just to wash his shirt.

Game Snapshot Before Commercial Aired (7:23:48 PM EST)

7:16:04 PM
NE 0 | ATL 7
ATL Rushing TD


Rob Gronkowski
Born: May 14, 1989
Age Now: 28, When Ad Aired: 27


Terry Bradshaw
Born: September 02, 1948
Age Now: 69, When Ad Aired: 68


Jeffrey Tambor
Born: July 08, 1944
Age Now: 73, When Ad Aired: 72
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