Buick - Not So Pee Wee Football - Super Bowl Commercial (2017)

Rating: 21 of 77 (2017)Ad Mood: Funny
Brand\Company: Buick - General MotorsIndustry: Automobiles

The new Buick coupe pulls in at a pee wee football game. One of the parents sarcastically tells another that if that's a Buick, his kid is Cam Newton. His kid then turns into Cam and dominates the game. Some people just can't believe the new Buick.
New England Patriots
Atlanta Falcons

Game Snapshot Before Commercial Aired (7:10:09 PM EST)

7:08:53 PM
NE 0 | ATL 0
ATL Fumble Recovery


Cam Newton
Cam Newton
Born: May 11, 1989
Age Now: 28, When Ad Aired: 27


Miranda Kerr
Born: April 20, 1983
Age Now: 34, When Ad Aired: 33
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